Global Manufacturing Technology Show

Exhibition Centre Liverpool

27th - 28th November 2024

About the Event

A Pioneering Manufacturing Technology Showcase in the Heart of the North

The Global Manufacturing Technology Show stands at the forefront of industrial innovation, nestled in the industrious North of England. This event is not just a local affair but an international showcase for industry intelligence, transformation, and acceleration.

The two day event, taking place in the Exhibition Centre, Liverpool on the 27th and 28th November 2024 connects the manufacturing sector with hundreds of innovative companies who provide the very latest cutting-edge technology, products and services to help navigate the ever-evolving world of modern manufacturing.

Innovative Technology at Your Fingertips

Manufacturing is evolving at an unprecedented pace, with every facet of production being reshaped by technological advancements. At the Global Manufacturing Technology Show, witness how these changes are redefining manufacturing from the ground up.

Digital Transformation: The Future is Here

Digital technologies are revolutionising the manufacturing landscape. Automation, predictive maintenance, and advanced supply chain management are just the beginning. Sustainability is key, transforming industries with energy-efficient and eco-friendly practices.

Embracing Disruption for Competitive Edge

In today’s dynamic world, disruption is inevitable. Companies striving to stay ahead must embrace and invest in new operational methods, cutting-edge technologies, and digital transformation, all while maintaining their core business activities.

Industry Insights and Networking

In an ultra-competitive sector, the relentless pursuit of new technology, product development, and digital transformation presents significant challenges. Managing change, integrating new systems, and onboarding cutting-edge technologies are vital for staying ahead in this dynamic environment.

The Global Manufacturing Technology Show serves as an essential information hub where manufacturers can explore, learn, and connect.

Engage with experts, share insights, and forge collaborations aimed at growth and development.

The Facts

Forging the Future: The UK's Manufacturing Strength

2023 marked a year of significant achievement for UK manufacturing, as industry output soared to £224 billion. Vaulting to 8th place globally, the UK solidified its status as a manufacturing powerhouse. The numbers speak volumes: from job creation to export contributions, UK manufacturing is the bedrock of innovation and industrial excellence.

United Kingdom

£224 billion
Manufacturing output

2.6 million
Jobs in manufacturing

of the UK's total exports

of the UK's business investment

The North, Northern Ireland & Wales

£75.4 billion
Manufacturing output

Jobs in manufacturing

The North, Northern Ireland and Wales are the biggest manufacturing regions in the UK

Source MAKEuk

Why Exhibit?

Discover unparalleled opportunities at the Global Manufacturing Technology Show, situated in the vibrant heart of Liverpool. Showcase innovations, connect with industry leaders, and elevate your business in the ever-evolving manufacturing landscape. Join us to make an impact where technology meets tradition and future growth is forged.

Accelerate Sales

Energise your sales pipeline by connecting with thousands of potential customers. Our exhibition halls are the launching pad for profitable customer relationships and direct sales opportunities.

Focused Engagement

Interact with a specialised audience seeking the latest in manufacturing technology. Your presence at our event positions you at the forefront of industry advancement.

Expand Your Network

Join a community of industry trailblazers to cultivate business opportunities and partnerships that extend beyond the exhibition.

Brand Recognition

Stand out in a competitive marketplace and achieve global recognition as an industry leader at the nexus of manufacturing and technology.

Valuable Insights

Capture essential customer data for sustained engagement and strategic follow-up, laying the groundwork for future marketing initiatives.

Personal Connections

Forge lasting business relationships through invaluable face-to-face interactions with new and existing clients.

Ready to Amplify Your Business?

Join the forefront of manufacturing innovation and connect with industry leaders at the Global Manufacturing Technology Show. Don’t miss this opportunity to showcase your products and services to a dedicated audience.

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Elevate your brand, expand your network, and engage with the future of manufacturing.

The Visitor Experience

Enter a world where technology transforms manufacturing at the Global Manufacturing Technology Show. Here, visitors have the unique opportunity to explore a multitude of curated seminars. These sessions are designed to revolutionise strategies in smart manufacturing, presenting cutting-edge insights and fostering interactive learning. Whether you're looking to stay ahead of industry trends or seeking transformative solutions, our event is the platform where innovation meets practical application.

Digital Transformation

Explore key digital technologies driving the future of manufacturing. Discover how increased automation, predictive maintenance, and process self-optimisation can revolutionise customer interaction and responsiveness.

Superintelligent Factories

Experience the forefront of smart factory innovation. See first-hand how advanced sensors, embedded software, robotics, and more are reshaping the manufacturing landscape.

Sustainability and Energy

Delve into the critical role of sustainability and energy efficiency in manufacturing. Learn about effective strategies to deliver true value and avoid common pitfalls.

Meet the best in Smart Factory Technology

At the Global Manufacturing Technology Show, connect with leading:

  • Technology manufacturers
  • AI experts
  • Solution providers in technology
  • Change management specialists
  • Authorities on big data
  • Pioneers in transformation
  • Robotics innovators
  • Analytics experts
  • IoT consultants
  • Predictive tools providers

Learn from experts how new technologies boost smart factory efficiency and profits.


The Global Manufacturing Technology Show is organised by Five Senses Media. Our team has decades of experience running award-winning shows all over the world. This is your chance to be part of an event that's shaping the future of manufacturing technology. Contact our team to discover the potential of collaboration and growth at this premier event.